About Us

Solutions 2 Access Ltd has been registered following the sale of the Auckland Branch of our company of the last 13 years, Te Ngahere Ltd (www.te-ngahere.co.nz). We have re-branded in the South Island, but our office locations, relevant experience, key staff, systems and resources remain the same.

Mike Sheeney and

Mike Gibbs and Martin Freeman at Mt Cook

Mike Gibbs, Ben Allen and Martin Freeman, who make up the Board of Directors, along with Steven Beeney, established Te Ngahere, a limited liability company, in 1996. All three are university graduates with practical backgrounds in ecology, construction, and earth science. They recognised a niche for a professional organisation offering specialist skills in rope access, backcountry construction and native forest management. The directors grew the company to a size where it engaged 55 full time staff and had an annual turnover in excess of $4 million. Te Ngahere was sold in December 2009 leaving branches in Nelson and Christchurch in the directors’ ownership.

Solutions 2 Access has been formed from Te Ngahere’s Christchurch branch, where Operations Manager Steven Beeney teamed up with the directors of Te Ngahere to form Solutions 2 Access. In Christchurch we have been providing construction services to public bodies such as District, City and Regional Councils as well as the Department of Conservation since 1996. Our specialist services include the construction of houses, huts, recreation access structures and facilities and the maintenance and upgrade of historic structures. Often this work is undertaken in the backcountry using industrial rope access techniques combined with various forms of access.


Remote Site Experience

We work throughout the South Island’s backcountry and have vast experience working in remote sites and the logistics that go with working in such areas. Through past work we have developed a number of strategic relationships and as such can offer a variety of services. These include but are not limited to; most timber construction including historic structures, design/engineering, steel fabrication, on site welding, rock drilling, installation of rockfall protection systems, rock scaling and non-destructive testing.  This work can be done at height or on the ground. Solutions 2 Access believes that applying sound project management skills in conjunction with skilled sub-contractors can often provide a better quality service and end product.

Following the highly damaging September 4th 2010 earthquake, and the subsequent February and June earthquakes, Solutions 2 Access has become actively involved in rock fall protection and remediation throughout Christchurch’s Port Hills. As well as providing rock fall protection and remediation, we are also eager to move into the city and urban environment in terms of Christchurch’s reconstruction.

Environmental Awareness

Because we specialise in working in conservation areas we are very conscious of environmental impact. Solutions 2 Access takes pride in having minimal environmental impact, as well as having the ability to produce an aesthetically pleasing, high quality product that sits well in its environment without overshadowing, detracting from, or reflecting negatively upon the natural surroundings. In an urban environment the parameters change and our staff are well aware of protecting the public along with our clients property.

Health & Safety Concious

We pride ourselves on being both health and safety conscious. As such, staff working on our projects are both internally and externally trained and are well versed in all aspects of height work, helicopter operations, rescue and first aid; Solutions 2 Access recognizes the importance of trained and qualified staff. All our staff are rigorously trained and accredited under the NZQA “Working on Ropes” qualification. We also have a comprehensive health and safety plan and work to very stringent quality and safety standards. Due to the potentially dangerous nature of the work we are constantly reviewing our processes to ensure that Solutions 2 Access complies with the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment Guidelines for appropriate industry standards. We work closely with our clients to ensure they, as principal, are always aware of a particular job’s hazards and how they have been dealt with.

We are used to working with large organisations and have a good understanding of the contract/tendering process.

Solutions 2 Access is committed to providing a superior service and we believe that this shows in our track record with Te Ngahere; we can effectively manage projects and can complete works efficiently with well planned execution. We pride ourselves on our problem solving ability and enjoy promoting working relationships with our clients where we bring solutions to the table and not problems. Solutions 2 Access believes that communication is vital and have a variety of formal and informal means that we develop in conjunction with our client’s needs, to provide the best possible reporting outcome.

PH: Mike 021 845 376

PH: Martin 021 270 6737